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Back Seat Car Storage – Parenting Hacks!

Back Seat Car Storage – Parenting Hacks!

I am forever forgetting things these days! Be it age or a mum of 3- I’m constantly forgetting sunscreen, to add diapers to the changing bag, a spare pair of clothes since we used the last one in the bag… the list goes on … 🤪🤯

To solve this forgetful problem I have, I ordered this Backseat storage system for our car! Thank you amazon! I popped it in my cart yesterday and it already arrived today! 💃🏼

This now means when I’m out and about I have PLENTY of back ups!!!

For someone who is super forgetful I also always love the feeling of being prepared so I was all over this!

In our backseat storage I packed

🧸 Diapers
🧸Diaper Cream
🧸Nappy bags
🧸 A sleep suit
🧸 A onesie
🧸 A romper (it’s summer)
🧸 A sweater (for those cooler nights)
🧸 A spare blanket
🧸 A nursing cover
🧸 A shirt for mum
🧸A spare Mosquito net (EEE is back ya’ll 😭)
🧸Some baby toys, teether & book
🧸some burp cloths
🧸An extra baby blanket
🧸An extra stroller fan
🧸 Clorox wipes (because you know – Covid 😷)
🧸 travel first aid kit
🧸Sun screen
🧸Bug Repellent
🧸Spare masks – because we KEEP forgetting those!
🧸Back up phone charger – battery pack – because I am always forgetting to charge my phone.

This puts me at ease, knowing that even if I nip out quickly somewhere and forget the diaper bag, or if I forget to grab something or refill the diaper bag I won’t be stuck!!! Which is a peace of mind all mamas and papas can do with!

Do you have a back seat storage system? If so what do you put in yours?

<3 Georgia

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