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Lockdown Entertainment – Father/Daughter Dance (could be any theme of Dance)

Lockdown Entertainment – Father/Daughter Dance (could be any theme of Dance)

Projects keep me happy, they are my therapy through life and literally keep me sane.

In these times of confusion, pandemics and uncertainty I’ve found to get through each week I am needing these mini projects to keep positivity high in our house. I am also finding that our children are needing it too. With a new baby in the house we aren’t confident enough to risk re-entering society as some people are. My family are in Scotland, so with borders being closed and visas being denied, I am unable to even just hang out with my own Mother and Father and man, oh, man am I becoming envious of all of the beach photos and family parties that a lot of people are being able to enjoy again lately. 

My two eldest daughters, Savannah & Sienna, missed their school’s Father/Daughter dance this year due to Covid. I know father/daughter dances themselves can open up to a lot of feels and debate on whether they are right or not…. but our daughters were heartbroken to be missing out on this day that they get to share with their father each year. It always means a lot to them.


I had noticed on Facebook, that my friend and her husband had thrown their very own dance for their daughter and I thought it was such a sweet and meaningful idea. I was inspired and immediately commented “I AM COPYING THIS!!!!”

I jumped onto Amazon, which is something I am excelling at these coronavirus days, and started to add items to my cart. For the sake of making it actually enjoyable for my husband I promised myself that I wouldn’t go over the top, I wanted it to be special, but reasonable. I purchased the girls a brand new dress each, some cheap disco lights, fairy lights, corsages for the girls & a boutonniere for my husband and my one “splurge” was on a beautiful photo backdrop (which I knew I would use in the future for one of our youngest daughter’s parties (validation 😜).) 

I wanted it to be a surprise but in order to catch my husband on a “night off” from work I had to bring him in on it all, we set the date a few weeks in advance and got to planning.

The Day of the Dance

Usually when the girls attend their school father/daughter dance, I book them into the Hair salon for an updo and then take them to get a mani-pedi. Since we were in lockdown I decided to bring the Spa to our home (which is also just an awesome activity to do in itself )

I had thrown together some “Spa baskets” from ‘The Dollar Tree’ filled with goodies and treats…

  • Hairbrush – Dollar Tree
  • Spa Slippers – Dollar Tree
  • Sleep Mask – Dollar Tree

(All personalized with my Cricut) 

  • Magazine – Walgreens
  • Nail Polish – Various (from around our house)
  • Hair Ties – Dollar Tree
  • Kiddy Face Masks – Target
  • Notebook – Dollar Tree
  • Pen – Dollar Tree
  • Dove Chocolate – Dollar Tree
  • Organic Bath Bomb – Amazon

They woke up on the day of the dance – still unaware of what was happening, and came downstairs to the “SPA” waiting for them. We do this every now and again so they were super excited for their “Spa Day”.  They scoffed down their breakfast, ran and grabbed their robes and sat down for their “appointments”. They had Mummy’s special Mani/Pedis and relaxed to some spa music with their facemasks and cucumbers – which was entertainment for all.

Even baby Saoirse-Skye was able to get in on the action and relax.

While they were enjoying their spa day – Daddy came down and presented them with their Invitations (Which I had purchased on Etsy) to the dance that night … They were confused at first but once it sank in, became very excited and insisted that they help me set everything up. 

I informed them they they were to meet me upstairs at 4.30pm for their hair appointments, then spent the rest of the day turning our basement into a dancehall.

(Ideally I wanted to throw the party outside, but along with Covid we also have the joy of dealing with EEE – the mosquito born illness, in the Summer, so I just thought to keep it safe and easy for all… the basement would be the space that worked. It wasn’t super glamorous, but I knew that wouldn’t matter to them)

Sienna and I hung the lights, while Savannah watched over her baby sister. Sienna made a sign and we got really excited for our night ahead.

At 4.30pm they came upstairs to ‘Salon de Mummy’ for their hair appointments – as I frantically Youtubed ways to do hair as they had requested and surprised them with brand new dresses. It was a Cinderella affair. 

Once all ready and dressed for the ball the girls came down to meet  Daddy. He presented them with their corsages and we took beautiful photos on the porch before heading down to the “dance hall” for some fun! They danced, they laughed, they ate pizza and cupcakes and finished off the night with some Karaoke and sparklers. It was a fantastic, memorable day that I am sure we will all cherish for years to come. 

This was so simple but so special. It doesnt need to be a father-daughter dance you could do this for any occasion, birthday, holiday or even just for fun, anything… it was simple, cheap and we had a lot of fun …. I think maybe my husband even more than the girls….. 🤣

Hope you feel inspired to try something fun like this of your own!

Please be sure to let us know if you do 

<3 Georgia

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